Quartz inspired by concrete...

Concrete Worktops

Concrete worktops have become a popular option across an array of design styles.

Whether it be industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian or even country farmhouse styling, a concrete worktop brings the look up-to-date. Featuring in stylish Instagram posts and interior magazines, this is an enduring trend not to be missed.

But have you contemplated a quartz worktop that offers the concrete aesthetic? Being a highly durable and low maintenance material, quartz proves an equally stylish but incredibly practical alternative to a concrete worktop.

4120 Raven

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4141 Misty Carrera

The Pros and Cons of Each Surface

4001 Fresh Concrete

The perfect match: colour schemes and worktops

Colour palette has a huge impact on an overall scheme. Whether the overriding statement of the room or subtle accent within. Our innovative designers have developed pioneering surfaces showcasing their interpretation of concrete, synergising quality craftsmanship with superior artistry. From 4003 Sleek Concrete, perfect for modern design, to authentically rough surfaces like 4044 Airy Concrete, perfectly complement your design with a premium quartz worktop.

4004 Raw Concrete

Concrete vs. Quartz

Concrete worktops are the look of the moment. They are sleek and minimalist, yet with warmth and earthiness that makes the concrete aesthetic a popular choice in recent years. With quartz technology advancing, we look at the advantages of concrete alternatives...

Pros, Cons and Alternatives to Concrete
4023 Topus Concrete

Try our Kitchen Visualiser Tool...

Would you like to see how your worktop could look in your kitchen? Our kitchen visualiser tool allows you to bring your designs to life, showcasing how you can use Caesarstone surfaces throughout your home.

The Visualiser allows you to choose from our vast range of colours and finishes available, across simulated kitchen designs in a classic or modern style kitchen. When you have created your dream design, you can share it with others or save it for reference when you get started with your actual renovation project.

Start a Design with our Kitchen Visualiser
An industrial kitchen

How to create an industrial style kitchen

This back-to-basics interior is the epitome of effortlessly cool luxury. Combining functionality with simplistic beauty, replicate this scheme.

4023 Topus Concrete

10 industrial style kitchens to inspire your designs

Here are some of our favourite kitchen designs that showcase the industrial trend, to inspire your own renovation projects...

4001 Fresh Concrete

Why Caesarstone?

Caesarstone has been at the forefront of manufacturing premium quartz worktops for almost three decades, consistently creating high-quality surfaces that are designed to last.

Virtually maintenance-free, quartz is a
naturally hard-wearing, non-porous surface
that’s highly durable by nature. To extend the peace of mind on our quality quartz surfaces, we can confidently offer a lifetime warranty across all of our products. 

The Caesarstone Promise: Lifetime Warranty
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4043 Primordia

Our latest concrete quartz...

4043 Primordia is one of the latest additions to our Metropolitan collection, an innovative range that is inspired by the industrial trend. Echoing the raw elements of concrete, this weathered looking quartz surface has an added depth of character.

Other quartz concrete surfaces that encompass the same blend of industrial art, architecture, and cutting edge design include 4033 Rugged Concrete and 4011 Cloudburst Concrete, each of which showcases Caesarstone's proprietary technology with our innovative designs.

Primordia: Concrete Quartz Worktop