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The Kitchen Worktop: The core foundation of any kitchen

With the kitchen becoming a truly dynamic living space where your family and friends come together to eat, cook, relax and socialise, your worktop needs to do the hard work whilst still befitting the definitive aesthetic of your design.

We boast the perfect solution: remarkable performance capabilities partnered with exquisitely beautiful designs. As the only quartz, mineral and porcelain surface manufacturer able to offer a lifetime warranty, we can guarantee unparalleled durability across our entire range, with a diverse selection of colours and finishes available to allow you to create your dream kitchen.

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The Caesarstone Collection Brochure

Take a look at the vast array of colours and finishes that we have to offer for your kitchen worktop including both traditional and industrial surfaces. 

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The Elegance of Sustainable Kitchen Worktops

Here at Caesarstone, we are proud to take a leading role in the industry in producing beautiful yet sustainable worktops with our range of quartz, mineral and porcelain worktops.

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Worktops for Your Home

Each and every kitchen worktop comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and it can be difficult to know how to make a final decision. As well as practicality and durability, your choice of worktop will ultimately depend on some key influencing factors: budget and style. You’ll need to find the perfect balance to ascertain the best worktop for your kitchen.

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Why Choose Caesarstone for Your Kitchen Worktops

We have been at the forefront of manufacturing premium worktops for almost four decades, consistently creating high-quality quartz, mineral and porcelain kitchen surfaces that are designed to last.

Virtually maintenance-free, our quartz, mineral and porcelain worktops are naturally hard-wearing, non-porous surfaces that are highly durable by nature. To extend peace of mind on our quality surfaces, we can confidently offer a lifetime warranty across all of our products in domestic installations. 

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Colours and Finishes for Kitchen Worktops

The colour and finish of your worktop is another essential consideration, having the potential to completely transform your kitchen. For example, white kitchen worktops can work within both traditional and contemporary styles, or grey quartz worktops are another longstanding favourite, offering a familiar hue that feels as much at home in a country farmhouse kitchen as in a lofty modern apartment.  

We understand how important your colour choice is but don’t overlook your choice of worktop finish. No matter if you choose one of our porcelain, mineral or quartz worktops, all of our materials will last for many years to come and look just as beautiful as the day they were fitted. The variety of designs, finishes and colours across our material offering means you can design your kitchen exactly how you want it. So, with a Caesarstone worktop, you will be one step closer to creating your dream kitchen.

Case Study: A striking contemporary kitchen

What our customers say

“The range of finishes available within Caesarstone’s collection was an immediate draw for the clients. The material allowed us to craft a unique island shape while ensuring the design’s high-quality execution.”

“The selection of Caesarstone as the worktop was primarily driven by the need for durability in a family-friendly and entertaining-oriented space. It was crucial to choose a surface that would look great for years to come, without the owners having to worry about stains or scratches”.

Lianne Burrett, Senior Design Consultant at Roundhouse Design

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Case Study: A Contemporary Family Kitchen

What our customers say

“Caesarstone provided a high-quality, durable material in a neutral finish that complemented the overall kitchen design and open-plan interior. The material could also achieve the unsupported spans of the island unit we were looking for in a relatively thin profile. The quality of the worktop was also a deciding factor for us – its composition ensures resistance to scratches, stains and heat, making it suitable for everyday use in a busy kitchen. Additionally, its non-porous nature makes it hygienic and easy to clean, requiring only simple care to maintain its pristine appearance”.

Ricky Evans, Associate Architect at PAD Studio

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Case Study: An Industrial Kitchen in Kent

What our customers say

“We love the vast collection of colours and finishes available at Caesarstone and feel that these surfaces have a properly natural look and feel, which is sometimes hard to find with other manmade products. The honed and concrete finishes, in particular, give a softness to what is undoubtedly the hardest material in a kitchen.”

Jay Powell, Design Project Manager at Inglis Hall

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Caesarstone Fabricator or Fitter

Find a Caesarstone retailer near you

Once you’ve requested your samples, our quartz, porcelain and mineral worktops are available to buy from a number of fitters and design showrooms around the UK.

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Getting a quote for Caesarstone worktops

If you are looking for a competitive quote on a Caesarstone worktop, we can direct you to one of our trusted nationwide stone fabrication partners, who can help you with your Caesarstone installation.

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Material Choices for Custom Kitchen Worktops

Your kitchen worktop is one of the biggest influencing factors on the overall look and feel of your design, considering the physical space it consumes. However, its physical capabilities are not something to underestimate. Your worktop will bear the brunt of the hard work, making the material an important factor that you need to give some thought to.

Some of the most popular materials can lack durability; marble, for example, scratches and stains easily, whilst granite needs regular sealing. Quartz, mineral and porcelain, on the other hand, are non-porous and highly durable. Take a closer look at our complete portfolio of Caesarstone Quartz, Mineral and Porcelain worktop surfaces.

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Worktops Design Ideas Gallery

Spark your inspiration for your own kitchen redesign and explore our ideas and most popular designs. No matter if you’re seeking a traditional style, or looking for the latest in interior trends, we can feed your curiosity and ignite your creativity with our beautiful designs.

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How to Maintain Your Kitchen Worktops: Tips and Tricks

At Caesarstone, we produce and design quartz, mineral and porcelain surfaces that are incredibly durable and nonporous, so they’re virtually maintenance-free. Our worktops are designed to withstand the inevitable accidents that happen on a day-to-day basis. Simply clean with a non-abrasive soft soap and a non-scratch scrub pad. But of course, Caesarstone worktops are not indestructible. There are some tips and advice we recommend following to maintain perfect surfaces for many years to come.


Visualise Custom Kitchen Worktops with Our Tool

Would you like to see how your new worktop could look in your kitchen? Our kitchen visualiser tool allows you to bring your designs to life. The simulator tool demonstrates how you can use Caesarstone surfaces throughout your home, from a worktop and backsplashes to bespoke furniture pieces such as a statement kitchen island.

The Kitchen Visualiser perfectly showcases the vast assortment of colours and finishes available, with the opportunity to see how it could look in both a classic or modern style kitchen. Once you have completed your dream design, you can share it with others or save it for reference when you get started with your actual renovation project.