Black Kitchen Worktops

Today, black has been reconsidered as a modern classic, used as a stark accent or a powerful overall look. Furniture, tabletops, flowers and food are just some of the lifestyle elements that have transitioned to shades of black. Dark slate and stone, along with oxidised metal and black lacquered wood, are among the remarkable materials being combined in dramatic interiors.

Discover the allure of dark interior design and see how you can incorporate it into your new kitchen.

Black and dark kitchens are popular interior design trends, giving a striking alternative to lighter kitchen worktops such as white marble. Due to its popularity, there are more options than ever for black worktops. Here at Caesarstone, we have many black quartz worktops to choose from such as 5820 Darcrest and 5810 Black Tempal which showcase the beauty of dark kitchen worktops, without compromising on performance or maintenance. As an alternative, our black porcelain worktops, such as 510 Impermia and 302 Metallio Black are ideal for a busy kitchen. Thanks to their durability and classic look, any of our black quartz or porcelain kitchen surfaces will be sure to blend seamlessly with your design vision.


Will a black kitchen worktop work for me?

Dark kitchens and dark kitchen worktops have become a popular trend in recent years with more homeowners adding touches of darker tones to their home renovations. Why? If you balance those dark colours correctly, it’ll add an element of finesse and luxuriousness to the room, transforming your kitchen into a showstopping place to entertain.

You want to achieve a stylish but practical space for all your culinary needs, so you need to make sure your kitchen is designed in such a way to inspire your creativity and desire to host sociable evenings. We’re here to provide a few tips on how you can embrace the transition to a black kitchen.

5101 Empira Black

Celebrity kitchen designs to inspire your dark side

If you're looking for creative ingenuity to fuel your renovation, we’ve gathered up some of the most striking celebrity kitchen designs. From intense black worktops to opulent dark cabinetry, see how these A-Listers have incorporated dark elements into their design.


Black Kitchen Worktops: A Colour Combinations Guide

Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are varying colour combinations that work well with a dark kitchen surface – from classic monochrome to rich jewel tones. Here are some of our favourite palettes that will show off the depth and shadows of your chosen black worktop. 

3100 Jet Black

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How dark do you dare to go with your black kitchen design? Take our quiz to find out how brave you are when it comes to dark interior design...

The art of darkness ebook

How to design the perfect dark kitchen

Dark, sultry colours create an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery in your kitchen and trends in interior design have shifted focus to shadowy tones, layered with emotion.

Discover how to transform your kitchen with the allure of a tempting dark design.

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Why Caesarstone?

For nearly forty years we've been continually innovating in both aesthetics and performance. It's the combination of this durability, style and timelessness that makes Caesarstone black quartz worktops and black porcelain worktops the first choice for many homeowners. Our surfaces allow for design creativity, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Virtually maintenance-free, we create surfaces that are naturally hard-wearing, non-porous and highly durable. For extended peace of mind on our quality quartz and porcelain worktop surfaces, we can confidently offer a lifetime residential warranty across all of our products.

Story behind the designs

The story behind the designs

Caesarstone continues to spearhead the market for innovative surfaces with the launch of captivating dark designs. Several years in the making, they drew inspiration from the desert and the great outdoors, where Caesarstone’s in-house design team ventured to help shape the look and feel of the new products. Inspired by the organic materials found on their travels, the team experimented with how different stones hold colours at night.

A Story of Design

Crafting Exceptional Surfaces

Our commitment to design is focused on the kitchen – the heart of the home is where we come together in our desire to gather and eat, socialise and connect. And as we enjoy these kitchen experiences, we can do so in the confidence that every Caesarstone surface is checked, verified, tested and certificated.

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The Caesarstone Swatch Book

Our Swatch Book has been specially created to provide the ultimate how-to guide in using Caesarstone in your own home – including design tips and planning resources. 

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Where to buy your black worktop

Once you’ve requested your samples, our quartz and porcelain black kitchen worktops are available to buy from a number of stone worktop fabricators and design showrooms around the UK.


Try our Kitchen Visualiser Tool...

Would you like to see how your worktop could look in your kitchen? Our kitchen visualiser tool allows you to bring your designs to life, showcasing how you can use Caesarstone surfaces throughout your home.

The Visualiser allows you to choose from our vast range of colours and finishes available, across simulated kitchen designs in a classic or modern style kitchen. When you have created your dream design, you can share it with others or save it for reference when you get started with your actual renovation project.

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