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Whether you are a kitchen or bathroom designer, an architect, fabricator, interior designer, new build or property developer, we are here to work closely with you on a diverse range of projects.

We've collated a host of articles and resources, from trade sample requests, warranty information and FAQs, to design inspiration and quartz care guides, this is the go-to page of Caesarstone inspiration and support.

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4023 Topus Concrete

Your Brand Partner

Caesarstone has more than 30 years of experience in designing award-winning surfaces for residential and commercial applications, and our products are being specified and installed in thousands of developments across the world. Our commercial partners know the Caesarstone brand well. Increasingly, it is also the surface brand that consumers are looking for.

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4001 Fresh Concrete

Your Operations and Logistics Partner

We operate two large distribution centres in the UK, in London and Manchester, both of which carry thousands of slabs covering the UK core product profile. Stock is regularly replenished with supplies coming in from multiple Caesarstone production facilities around the world. Timing is everything and project orders are continually tracked, from manufacturing, while on the water, in port and right to the door of your preferred specialist fabricator.

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5810 Black Tempal

Your Projects Partner

The dedicated UK Commercial team is available to assist at all stages of your project, from offering technical advice or colour consultancy to helping you access our nationwide network of fabricators.

We understand the complexity of the commercial market and continually strive to remove the headaches of pricing and specification, ordering and delivery, inventory management and just in time call off, installation and aftercare.

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5000 London Grey

Stones with Standards

Minimizing our impact on the environment continues to be a management priority and something that involves all employees and departments at our manufacturing sites and offices around the world.

We aim to create beautiful, durable low maintenance products that support healthier environments and make better use of material resources.

Caesarstone was one of the first quartz surface companies to receive ISO 14001 certification (a global standard specifically for environmental protection), ISO 9001 (quality management standard).

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Samples of Caesarstone
Discover The Perfect Shade

Samples of Caesarstone

Order samples of Caesarstone surfaces to be delivered quickly, direct to your business address or to your customer. 

Select up to four samples of your favourite Caesarstone surfaces to utilise in your moodboards, helping to finalise your project plans.

Request a sample
4033 Rugged Concrete
Residential Applications


Caesarstone quartz surfaces are stain, scratch and heat resistant and will look beautiful throughout the life of your project. For complete peace of mind, all Caesarstone products used in residential applications are warrantied for 25-years.

Once your quartz surface is installed, asking your client to register their warranty couldn't be simpler. The easy 3-step process will confidently guarantee that your client will be able to enjoy their Caesarstone surface for many years, worry-free.

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4001 Fresh Concrete
Commercial Applications


Style matters, and we are fortunate to have gained a market-leading reputation when it comes to launching the latest trends in colour, texture and pattern. But equally importantly, our materials are built to withstand sustained use and provide longevity. We're so confident in our surfaces, that we're backing you with a 10-year warranty on commercial installations. 

To activate, email us with the project details, including:

  • Installation address
  • Business name at installation address
  • Fabricator/Installer company name and address
  • Project Architect/Designer
  • Caesarstone product name and number
  • Installation date
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4735 Oxidian

Swatch Book

Our Swatch Book is the ultimate how-to guide.  Specially curated to provide expert guidance to using Caesarstone in your designs.

Featuring a comprehensive look at the entire Caesarstone range, the Swatch Book is completed with top design tips and planning resources from award-winning interior designers to inspire your work.

Take a full look at the Caesarstone range

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Caesarstone designs

The unique design story

We've been at the forefront of this industry for over 30 years, bringing forth state-of-the-art surfaces unlike any other. Our in-house design team are consistently working with leading trend consultants and colour experts to update our portfolio; pushing the boundaries with profound new quartz worktop designs whilst offering an array of timeless worktops.

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5031 Statuario Maximus

Supernatural Collection

Our Supernatural Collection takes its inspiration from nature by incorporating earthy tones and the natural beauty of marble and granite. This design collection manages to combine traditional worktop designs with more contemporary ones to create a style of choice to suit all personal tastes.

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4735 Oxidian

Metropolitan Collection

Our Metropolitan Collection has a unique story behind its construction and centres on the industrial theme. Each worktop from this collection has been inspired by manufacturing materials such as oxidised steel and poured plaster which captures its raw, urban aesthetic.

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3100 Jet Black

Classico Collection

Our Classico Collection speaks for itself. If you’re looking for traditional Caesarstone quartz ranging from shades such as 1141 Pure White to 3100 Jet Black; our multi-coloured collection is the ideal choice for someone who’s looking for a simple, yet chic design. Classico remains the epitome of quality and style for both residential and commercial use.

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5151 Empira White
Sublime Design

Spotlight on Empira White

Empira White is the latest addition to our Supernatural collection, designed to inspire and transcend one of the world’s most beautiful natural stones: marble.

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4011 Cloudburst Concrete
Unparalleled Beauty

Spotlight on Cloudburst Concrete

As part of our ongoing showcase series, we're taking a closer look at the gleaming white surface featuring subtle inlays of grey to create a truly stunning patina. Discover the inspiration behind the surface and see how it can work in a range of settings.

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5101 Empira Black
Sublime Design

Spotlight on Empira Black

For a deeper look into Caesarstone's newest Dark Collection, we've put the spotlight on 5101 Empira Black.

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4043 Primordia
A Design Story

Spotlight on Primordia

Learn more about our latest addition to our quartz worktop range - Primordia, a rugged, authentic design with a distinctive patina. Part of the Metropolitan Collection, inspired by the industrial trend, Primordia can be perfectly set within both residential and commercial interiors.

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5100 Vanilla Noir
Sublime Design

Spotlight on Vanilla Noir

5100 Vanilla Noir forms the latest addition to the highly sought after Caesarstone Supernatural collection, which encompasses the timeless notes of marble.

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Mouse Tail Cafe Caesarstone
Case Study

Mouse Tail Coffee Stories

Caesarstone quartz surfaces 4004 Raw Concrete and 4141 Misty Carrera were chosen by artisan coffee company Mouse Tail Coffee Stories for its most significant new opening in Canada Water, London.

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Croudace Homes
Case Study

Croudace Homes

New build developer Croudace Homes has completed an exclusive partnership agreement that will see homebuyers offered one of five Caesarstone kitchen worktop surfaces in numerous developments across the South East.

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South Lodge Spa
Case Study

South Lodge Spa

Sparcstudio chooses ‘luxurious and durable’ Caesarstone for £14 million The Spa at South Lodge project. “We specify Caesarstone for lots of projects because obviously with spa interiors the material has to be very robust and able to cope with water, heat, oils as well as all the bodies. From the aesthetic point of view, Caesarstone offers a wide range of luxurious and innovative designs, which we have used extensively through this project."

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Meet in Place
Case Study

Meet in Place

Caesarstone takes centre stage in the recently-opened London offices of Meet in Place – the start-up revolutionising the business meeting experience by offering fully serviced, design-led meeting room complexes.

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Therapie Clinic
Case Study

Therapie Clinics

Caesarstone’s marble-inspired 5143 White Attica creates a serene backdrop in eight new branches of Therapie Clinic, following its multi-million-pound expansion in the UK and Ireland.

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Cinnamon Kitchen
Case Study

Commercial Projects

To explore more of our commercial projects, including Peter David Homes, MIMO London and Cinnamon Kitchen, then head to our features page. 

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Caesarstone turbine- grey quartz worktops

Care and Maintenance Guide

Virtually maintenance-free, quartz is a
naturally hard-wearing, non-porous surface
that’s highly durable by nature and simple to

This is a useful guide for your clients, with notes on:

  • Keeping your quartz surfaces beautifully preserved

  • Cleaning and polishing best practice

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Caesarstone Enfield Studio
Discover The Perfect Surface

Visit our Studios

Delve into the immersive experience offered at our Caesarstone studios, with an interactive display of full-height slabs.

Caesarstone surfaces are designed to be experienced. With studios in Manchester and Enfield, book an appointment to explore at scale Caesarstone's most popular and visually arresting designs.

5151 Empira White


Caesarstone surfaces blend beauty with incredible performance, enabling you to bring your design imagination to life.

We now have a self-service portal with answers to common questions about our products, processes or aftercare. Take a look for help and advice surrounding:

  • The purchase of Caesarstone quartz

  • Care and maintenance advice

  • Details of the Caesarstone quartz collections

  • Installation and fabrication

  • And more